Book: "Two Lives" by Concordia Antarova

Two Lives by Antarova This novel will help everyone to reflect on his own place in today's complicated life and his relations to it. Great examples in this book reveal how people are boiling in their own passions, how they are enslaved by them. Later the paths for the reader are revealed along which the Teachers of Life are leading people from their passions to liberation, from weakness to fortitude, from fortitude to power, from power to beauty...

Popularity of this novel written by C. E. Antarova was fated by the successful synthesis of both Eastern and Western esoteric traditions.

We can find lots of information about these Teachers in the works by Helena and Nicholas Roerich in which their cooperation with the Great Teachers is also reflected. The same Teachers were the guardians of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – the author of "The Secret Doctrine" and founder of the Theosophical Society in 19th century.

The conception of integrity of the Universe, the principals of creative work of cosmic evolution, creative work of man's spirit as the most important factor of development of cosmic evolution are revealed in "Two Lives". The real time disappears in the novel, the historical personalities of various epochs meet and cooperate here, because neither time nor space nor physical separation is existing for man's spirit...

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